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Healhcare Information Technology Standards Panel
HealthCare Information Technology Standards Panel
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CAP 121 - Communicate Clinical Referral Request

The Communicate Clinical Referral Request Capability addresses interoperability requirements that support provider-to-provider (clinical) referral request interaction. It allows the bundling of the referral request document with other relevant clinical documents of interest by referencing such documents as shared by other Capabilities such as: HITSP/CAP119 Communicate Structured Document; HITSP/CAP120 Communicate Unstructured Document; or HITSP/CAP133 Communicate Immunization Summary

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ConstructTitle / VersionReferenced byStatusDocument Access
CAP 121Communicate Clinical Referral Request
IS 92 V:1.0
IS 9 V:1.0.2
IS 91 V:0.0.1
(Panel Approved)

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