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Healhcare Information Technology Standards Panel
HealthCare Information Technology Standards Panel
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HITSP operates under contract to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Transaction Package

TP 30 - HITSP Manage Consent Directives Transaction Package

The Manage Consent Directives Transaction Package describes the messages needed to capture, manage, and communicate rights granted or withheld by a consumer to one or more identified entities in a defined role to access, collect, use or disclose individually identifiable health information (IIHI), and also supports the delegation of the patient’s right to consent. The transactions described in this construct are intended to be carried out by HITSP/TP13 - Manage Sharing of Documents.

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ConstructTitle / VersionReferenced byStatusDocument Access
TP 30HITSP Manage Consent Directives Transaction Package
IS 2 V:3.0
IS 1 V:3.0
IS 3 V:3.0
IS 4 V:1.1
IS 5 V:1.0
IS 6 V:1.0
IS 7 V:1.0
TP 30HITSP Manage Consent Directives Transaction Package
IS 2 V:3.1
IS 3 V:3.1
IS 4 V:1.2
IS 5 V:1.1
IS 6 V:1.1
IS 1 V:3.0.1
IS 3 V:3.0.1
IS 4 V:1.1.1
IS 5 V:1.0.1
IS 6 V:1.0.1
IS 7 V:1.0.1
IS 12 V:0.0.2
IS 77 V:0.0.2
IS 11 V:0.0.2
IS 10 V:0.0.2
IS 2 V:3.1.1
IS 9 V:0.0.2
IS 8 V:0.0.2
IS 8 V:0.0.1
IS 9 V:0.0.1
IS 10 V:0.0.1
IS 11 V:0.0.1
IS 12 V:0.0.1
IS 77 V:0.0.1
TP 30HITSP Manage Consent Directives Transaction Package
IS 1 V:3.1
IS 2 V:3.2
IS 3 V:4.0
IS 4 V:2.0
IS 5 V:2.0
IS 8 V:1.0
IS 9 V:1.0
IS 10 V:1.0
IS 11 V:1.0
IS 12 V:1.0
IS 77 V:1.0
IS 7 V:1.1
IS 6 V:1.1.1
IS 6 V:1.1.2
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