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Healhcare Information Technology Standards Panel
HealthCare Information Technology Standards Panel
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HITSP members work together to define the necessary functional components and standards – as well as gaps in standards – which must be resolved to enable the interoperability of healthcare data.


C 26 - HITSP Nonrepudiation of Origin Component

The Nonrepudiation of Origin Component provides the mechanisms to support Nonrepudiation of Origin, which refers to both the proof of the integrity and origin of documents in a high-assurance manner, which can be verified by any party. This Component does not provide Nonrepudiation of Receipt.

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ConstructTitle / VersionReferenced byStatusDocument Access
C 26HITSP Nonrepudiation of Origin Component
IS 3 V:3.0
IS 6 V:1.0
IS 2 V:3.0
C 26HITSP Nonrepudiation of Origin Component
IS 2 V:3.1
IS 3 V:3.1
IS 6 V:1.1
IS 2 V:3.1.1
IS 3 V:3.1.1
IS 10 V:0.0.1
IS 11 V:0.0.1
C 26HITSP Nonrepudiation of Origin Component
IS 2 V:3.2
IS 3 V:4.0
IS 10 V:1.0
IS 11 V:1.0
IS 6 V:1.1.1
IS 6 V:1.1.2
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